Let’s Celebrate Each Other!

So much to my annoyance and amusement (more annoyance than amusement), I have been made to endure copious Facebook status updates from a very reputable and overly talented Make-up Artiste (MUA) about her being “THE BEST” MUA in this beautiful country of ours. One of her most recent Facebook updates, posted on December 27 has compelled me to pen this piece; the piece is NOT meant to serve as a read to her but as reading material that I hope can create an atmosphere of inspiration and camaraderie among women.

The status:

“Guyana now has many makeup artists, ALL influenced in large part by me, (if I may say so myself) and many claiming professional status. It’s as if every day there’s a new person trying to covet a star position, and I’ve noticed them doing the most! lol That’s a good thing, though, I’m proud, the best form of flattery is imitation! It’s hard to remain modest! If success happens too quickly, and you blow up too soon you’re the flower of the month, everyone wants you, and you don’t have the know-how and expertise to deal with all the projects you get. Slow and steady sets you up for a longer career! Drive slow homie”

  1. I completely agree, everybody who’s somebody is a MUA (except me, I’m completely clueless but I’m willing to learn). Many persons pursue the path for the fun of it, because it is a very sought-after skill / profession, and for other valid reasons I’m sure. I think it’s important to celebrate the fact that people, women particularly are ignited by something and proactively follows it – with real gains as the icing on the cake.
  2. Let’s not get ‘kerried’ away. ALL are not influenced by any one thing or person. The make-up industry is colossal, both regionally and globally. Renowned make-up professionals share the same space with renowned actors and actresses. It’s definitely not a profession that was birthed in good green Guyana. I have a friend who travelled to Trinidad for a few days just to attend a Make-up Workshop because she was truly passionate about the art (and for the fun of it), and wanted to elevate her skills. I think it’s amazing that women (and men) are so energized about something. For some their ‘MUA’ business is a side hustle, for others it’s their daily bread. Whatever it is, you go girl, and guy!
  3. I’ve been an avid observer of the Facebook & Instagram MUA stars. I’m often blown away by their talents and commitment to their calling. I myself am often times proud, whether I know the star or not. I seldom see them as competitors though; it’s like everyone’s in a space and with a niche of their own. This is practicable in such a demanding field. Some of these stars do the most and when they do you’re like ‘wowwwwww, THAT’S AMAZING!’ Another characteristic of our local stars that I am proud of is their willingness to share their talent with others. Make-up / Master class here, there and everywhere. It’s incredible that women can get together in a space to learn and grow and share with each other without thinking that the other might steal her thunder.
  4. Luckily, I’ve not witnessed a scandalous (or otherwise) MUA collapse since I’ve had Facebook or Instagram. People are able to cope the best way that they can and with the meagre know-how / expertise they have. I would urge you all to take some time for self though. Work is great, but self-care is better. Continue to elevate yourself and most importantly, when necessary, ask for help. It’s that simple. I’ve also seen MUAs get together to work on the same project or in the same space. Together you lift each other up!
  5. What is slow and steady? Doesn’t everyone go slow and steady? Perfect your skill. Find your niche. Balance yourself. Get help if necessary. Never stop learning. MUAs are pursued. People flock to who they prefer based on their work but most outstandingly, their attitude. Be your magnificent and talented self and the universe will reward you accordingly. Keep going homie!

I was really moved by this because I am tired of the countless jabs (even if seemingly harmless and just for the laughs) at aspiring and remarkable MUAs from someone in the same industry. WE CAN ALL WIN!!

As we get set to welcome a New Year, I would like to use this opportunity to urge us women to show up for each other. Let’s celebrate our individual skills whilst empowering others to find and pursue their own passion and talents. Let our words and thoughts about others be filled with love and encouragement. Let’s not worry too much about who is getting what, but be mindful of the fact that our time is coming.

I am sincerely thankful for this platform facilitated by this status to share my thoughts and feelings with you all with the hope that it stirs in you the desire to be kinder to another. Wishing you all the best for the year ahead and ladies, let’s endeavour to work more to lift each other up.

P.S There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling yourself that YOU are the best. You are your best, keep working on your best and strive (even in the smallest of ways) to uplift others so that they too can develop their fullest (BEST) potential.  

MissFit is our new women’s empowerment column. Please do feel free to share your thoughts and ideas for articles or how we can jazz things up. 

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