Yannick Charles: 1 -on- 1 with Mr. Inside the 592

yan5Welcome to our exclusive 1-on-1 with “Inside the 592” host, Yannick Charles. “Inside the 592” takes viewers inside various events and exciting happenings around Guyana. Yannick is usually the man asking all the questions, now that the roles are reversed he enthusiastically talks about his job as host, the importance of family and support and what happiness means to him. Tune in below to learn more. You wouldn’t want to miss this.

On Life as a TV Host:
MAGLYFE (ML): Who is Yannick Charles aka Mr Inside the 592?

YANNICK ‘K’ CHARLES (YKC): Yannick Charles is a young man who is motivated by success. I work hard and I believe that confidence and a positive attitude are important elements in life. I am also a number of other things – I’m an  organiser/ promoter/ businessman and television host. Most importantly, I’m on my way to becoming a lawyer having completed my law degree a few years ago.

ML: What are some of your coolest nicknames?

YKC: YKC (I gave myself that one lol), Yan, Nick, Prince Charles, to name a few.

ML: How did you land the role of television host?

YKC: By having the Swagger of a King! Hahaha, I’m kidding! I think for me it was knowing the right people and sharing the same vision which worked out perfectly for the job.

ML: What’s your favourite thing about your job?

YKC: Undoubtedly, being given the opportunity to travel, experience new things and see new places around Guyana.

ML: If you had the chance to choose another job, what would it be?

YKC: I love property, so I would be a Property Developer.

ML: What’s your favourite interview to date?

YKC: I saved this question for last so I’d have to say this one. Lol

ML: Nothing comes without challenges, what’s your biggest challenge as a TV host?

YKC: My biggest challenge as a host so far has been narrowing down which events to cover and also trying to decide what would be the perfect footage to actually broadcast.

ML: What’s a regular shooting day like?

yan4YKC: It depends, some days can be hectic and stressful depending on the number of events to cover or some days can be really cool and stress free.

ML: Do you get nervous or are you a natural on camera?

YKC: I’d say I’m a natural by now since I began being interviewed for television and newspapers from the age 16.

ML: What’s your pre-shoot ritual?

YKC: It goes like this – pick my outfit, listen to music to build a vibe then brush my beard.

ML: What’s the most ridiculous thing an interviewee has ever said?

YKC: Hmm. One time I was covering the NBA Finals and I asked a girl to interview her about basketball. She was kind of shy and said she knew nothing about basketball. So I told her that I’ll ask you about the team you support and your response should be ‘Golden State Warriors because I think Steph Curry is cute’. She said okay and when I asked the question she shocked because she started to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers and the statistics of Lebron James… Lol

ML: What’s something an interviewee has said that has stayed with you to date?

YKC: One guy told me that he absolutely loves Guyana, because any country that has such beautiful wooden buildings has his heart.

On Relationships:
ML: How important is the support of family and friends to you?

YKC: For me it’s extremely important. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without the support of my family. I definitely have them to thank for moulding me in almost every aspect of my life.

ML: I have to ask and I’m sure the ladies are dying to know. Is YKC single or taken?

YKC: Taken!

ML: Your idea of the perfect date night?

YKC: It depends. Sometimes super sophisticated stuff can be nice. Like getting really dressed up, getting her roses then going out for dinner and wine. However, I also love the simple stuff like going for a drive, buying junk food or making hot dogs at home and watching Scandal in bulk … Lol

ML: What’s one thing you wish you knew about relationships when you were younger?

YKC: I think I actually knew a lot about relationships from a young age.

ML: What’s the quality you like most in a woman?

YKC: Hygiene, I love when a woman can command my attention with her scent, no matter how she looks. I also love it when a woman takes great care of herself – well shaved brows, beautiful teeth, nice hair and body. yan3

On Life:
ML: What/who inspires you?

YKC: Many things inspire me. Two of those are: The world, because the more I travel and discover, the more I’m inspired to do better for myself and the people around me. My parents, because they are so hardworking and awesome in their own ways. They inspire me to be great and the perfect parent for my kids.

ML: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

YKC: My idea of perfect happiness could be described by two words. Those words are Balance and Contentment. For me perfect happiness is finding a way to balance the most important things in your life in a way that makes you happy. So in a sense being contented. This is so because we cannot or should not forget or neglect any aspect of our lives. For example we should not study so hard that we forget to enjoy social or physical activities. Or we should not work so hard to get extremely rich but forget to maintain our health or spend time with our families. So Balance is perfect happiness for me.

ML: What’s your ultimate goal in life?

YKC: To be successful. Successful in a number of ways: Job, Family, Religion, Health & Fitness.

ML: What’s the one quote that you live by?

YKC: There are quite a few but I find myself always thinking or even telling others – “Always stay positive no matter what”

ML: What advice would you offer to young men?

YKC: First of all, stay away from anything that would have a negative impact on your life; focus on the things that you like and that you’re passionate about that you can earn from financially.

FIVE things you don’t know about Yannick Charles:

1. I was born in Linden.

2. I was really overweight.

3. I went to University in South Wales.

4. I have a Law Degree.

5. I had my appendix removed at age 4.

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