Single Lady Chronicles: Quit the V Day Hate

Why do single people get upset and reject Valentine’s Day every time February 14 comes around? I really don’t know but what I do know is that I love Valentine’s Day, single and all.

As much as Valentine’s Day is for lovers, it’s also about LOVE. The love you have for the people around you, like family and friends. Why shouldn’t you welcome a day that allows you to go overboard in showing them just how much you appreciate and value them. I mean you should show them how much you love them as often as possible but Valentine’s Day is that day that you get to do a little bit more. Cards, dinners, lunches, extra long phone calls, the exchange of gifts/ tokens, surprise emails, an emotion filled Blackberry message, flowers, cakes, etc, etc, the list definitely goes on.

Valentine’s Day is also a day for singles to embrace their singleness and to celebrate their independence. Do something fun with girlfriends, treat yourself to fun indulgences, spend time with yourself and enjoy it.Who knows you might decide to go out and bump into your next significant other (Who knows?!!!)

You might seem sad especially if you think that your biological clock is ticking and you believe that you should be spending Valentine’s Day with someone special but really it’s not that bad. Take the time to prepare you for when you do have that special someone, ready and able to make special memories.

Quit rejecting Valentine’s Day and all that comes with you, you wouldn’t be single forever and just like those coupled up now, you’ll be coupled up soon.

P.S: If you really don’t like Valentine’s Day one way or another that’s totally okay too 🙂

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