New at the Princess Hotel

We have quite a few fun activities in Guyana but we definitely always welcome innovative and fresh ones. So you can imagine why everyone’s going crazy about the new facilities at Princess Hotel – Casino Guyana.

Club Next

The Hotel recently opened a spanking new nightclub called “Club Next” situated right above the Casino. The cocktails are delicious and the décor is superb. I can surely see why this spacious, artsy, and fashionable club is described as “fantasy meets reality”.  Even their impressive state of the art lighting system reiterates this. The club is open nightly and its friendly staff are sure to make your experience enjoyable.


The Arcade

If you’re not up for clubbing and you’re just looking to spend an evening out with friends, or the children or a significant other then why not visit the Fun City located right above the casino and outside of Club Next. Fun City is  filled with exciting games for children and adults alike. If you’re a basketball lover, there’s a game for you; if you like to dance then challenge a friend to a dance off; into horse racing, then experience what it feels like to be a jockey? Afraid of water but love jet skis, there’s a Jet Ski adventure for you, one that includes no water and lots of action. And with $100 per game, Fun City is the ultimate arcade for everyone!

Movie Theatres

Are you a movie lover? Then get yourself down to the Movie Theatre for some big screen fun. The Theatre shows three movies daily. Choose a time, choose a movie and enjoy with friends. Lights snacks are available for munching purposes. The Theatre features 3D and 7D cinemas. Your viewing experience at the Movie Theatre will definitely be unmatched! For magic, thrills and great movies, visit the Princess Movie Theatres.


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