Press Kit

MagLYFE is Guyana’s premiere online magazine. Utilizing the platform of online media, MagLYFE highlights, represents and divulges the splendour, talents, lifestyles, real life situations and culture of Guyana through an appealing fusion of fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, cuisine, relationships and the arts.



Online Magazine since January, 2013.

Social Media


Target audience:

With an edgy flair and a unique design, this online magazine will provide all the entertainment and lifestyle needs for the contemporary, motivated, outgoing men and women between the ages of 18 and 35.



MagLYFE has a wide array of ad-units available for you:

Ad Size (Top above content but under the menu) – 726(W) X 88(H) Pixels

Ad Sizes (Right hand sidebar) – 1. 298(W) X 298(H) Pixels

2. 298(W) X 500(H) Pixels

Ad Size (Bottom) – 200(W) x 250(H) Pixels


Please direct all advertising and marketing inquiries to Schemel Patrick.

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