When You Say Decriminalize, What Do You Even Mean?

What does decriminalizing same-sex intimacy really mean in Guyana? The question above is the finish line; let’s begin this conversation at the starter block. What is same-sex intimacy? Intimacy is often described as closeness, attachment, connection between two people; it can also mean sexual relations between two people. Same-sex intimacy is, as the term connotes, intimacy between people of the same sex. For as long … Continue reading When You Say Decriminalize, What Do You Even Mean?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

I am reading a book about Global Communication and one of the pages has this phrase  that struck me – “Connecting is not Communicating.” It caused me to reflect on my annoyance with local businesses and their use (misuse) of social media. Connecting which enables you to have a presence is essentially the first step, communicating is how you harness this connection for YOUR greater … Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Bess vs. Equality & Justice

So I recently had a run-in with a magistrate. Sounds exciting right? Wrong!! The experience was equal parts ludicrous and alarming. The utterances that came out of the mouth of this “learned” person were completely disheartening.  This encounter happened on Thursday, March 2 when I appeared at the court to bear witness to Petronella’s case. You’re probably wondering why I was at court and who … Continue reading Bess vs. Equality & Justice

Brickdam for Mash: That Making Any Sense?

Hi, I’m the HER in “His Take, Her Take” and for our first feature we will be discussing the new and controversial route for Mashramani 2017 and the comments made by Minister within the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth & Sport, Nicolette Henry, in this Guyana Chronicle article. Continue reading “Brickdam for Mash: That Making Any Sense?”