Kneading Solace

There is much solace to be found in taking care of yourself. Sometimes life becomes too overwhelming forcing us to seek solace – in family, friends, the things we love and the things that can help us to relax and unwind.

We all need solace and Kneading Solace can definitely take us to that tranquil place of relaxation and rest. Kneading Solace invites you to experience the luxury of a refreshing massage carried out by a trained professional. Continue reading “Kneading Solace”

10 Things You Need To Know About Dressing For A Successful Interview

You’re just out of secondary school or university or maybe you’ve finally decided that you need to get yourself a 9-5 so you’ve applied to a number of businesses and you got that call you were waiting for, landing yourself your first interview. Now you need to – do some research on the company, know what they do and what they stand for, practice answering questions (find a friend or use your mirror) and very importantly, you need to dress the part!

Here are 10 Things You Need to know about dressing for a Successful Interview:

1. Do NOT wear jeans to the interview. I saw a young lady the other day heading out looking very stylish with her jeans and a blazer so I decided to ask where she was headed. She told me she was headed to an interview at … Demerara Mutual! Jeans to an interview … on a Monday is a definite NO NO! The key is to dress professionally if you want to dwell in a professional environment. Continue reading “10 Things You Need To Know About Dressing For A Successful Interview”

Beauty & Braids

I recently went against the norm and braided my hair, in some Senegalese twists, and I can certainly say that I enjoyed every moment of it. My initial concern was sitting in a chair for hours and hours, luckily the braiding experience lasted a little over 2 hours. Now that I’m braided my concern was with styling, this too proved an easy task because I was able to do almost anything with my braids. Keeping them presentable is often times a struggle but when braiding you need to know that you’ll also need to secure some unusual beauty products (for example I don’t use gels but I needed one to keep my braids in check). I used Jamaican Mango and Lime – Braid, Twist & Lock Gel. Continue reading “Beauty & Braids”

Wear to? Work!

The modern professional woman is both sophisticated and trendy, she makes it her duty to incorporate some of the latest trends into her wardrobe -fun prints and bold colour. She’s a true fashionista and understands that when you look good you perform better. Take a look at some must have pieces to have as office wear. You never know when you’ll be asked out for after work drinks or when you’re too late to head home to prepare for an after work activity. These pieces are suitable for any event.

Continue reading “Wear to? Work!”

Arm Candy

Remember when arm candy meant that adorable and remarkably attractive person on your arm? It still does, but now like many other words and phrases it has taken on a new meaning. In the context of this article, the fashion terminology for arm candy means stacking up tons of bracelets and watches. It is actually a very neat idea and way to wear ALLLL of your favourite arm accessories at the same time. Arm candy is becoming very popular and it can add zest to any outfit. Continue reading “Arm Candy”

Fashion Must Haves for May

Here’s a list of the must have pieces of clothing for this month. All available in Guyana!

For women:

Peplum – this style is everywhere! This simple short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress is all the craze right now. It’s the must have piece of clothing for a classy outing, an elegant gathering or a causal event. The designs are many! Peplum is available at Pink Memo Bouique. Continue reading “Fashion Must Haves for May”

Fashion OverSEAS!

Overly determined and highly successful are just two ways in which I would describe this young female who’s made a big name for herself in the fashion world.

Allow me to introduce you to Shanice Jones, Guyanese model, aspiring actress and designer. She is the owner, founder and head designer of the Shanice Jones Collection. Shanice has always had a knack for fashion; this flair propelled her to launch her clothing line in August of 2010. Continue reading “Fashion OverSEAS!”

Old Time Something Come Back Again

First Peter Pan doesn’t age and now the Peter Pan Collar has re-established itself in the fashion arena. There really is no getting rid of Peter Pan!

The Peter Pan Collar, named after the collar on the costume worn by American actress Maude Adam in the Peter Pan Movie, is flat and has round corners. These collars are testimony to the cycle of fashion, once hot in the 1900s these collars have returned with a bang. Continue reading “Old Time Something Come Back Again”

Me, Myself & Meditation

Many times we are so consumed with work that we forget to care for ourselves. Sometimes all we really need is some alone time – to regroup, refocus, re-examine and unwind!

I often find myself in this overworked-in-need-of-some-me-time situation. But to our disadvantage, Guyana is not a treasure trove of day and weekend spas, few exist but can they provide that R&R that me really need? Time is important especially time for caring and pampering YOU! Continue reading “Me, Myself & Meditation”