The more things change.

They hunt us down, like dogs;
with dogs.
See the teeth marks, a modern-day reminder of the scars of their father’s whips.
For many it’s no reminder, but the actual scar of our father’s belts.

We march slowly, placards held like hope, signs of our prayers,
But they look pass these to see our faces – strained and anxious – different. Too different.
We march slowly, eyes affixed to the northern star, hearts cradled with thoughts,
But they look pass these to see our inhumanity, our abomination, our unnaturalness. Too different.

Who do we turn to for guidance?
Religion has often been the source of our oppression.
Who protects us?
The state has always sponsored the hate against us.
Who do we turn to for comfort?
Our own community has been made to fear itself.

Odd isn’t it? That the more things change, the more they remain the same.

We were raped.
We are raped.
We were beaten.
We are beaten.
We were shot.
We are shot.

In some places we are still hung by the neck.
The last tears in our bloodshot eyes,
The gurgled words communicate sorrow and hatred. Never of disbelief.

For we never disbelieve.
This is what we were taught to fear. This is the fate we were warned about.

We were denied jobs.
We are denied jobs.
We were denied housing.
We are denied housing.
We were denied services.
We are denied services.

Not very odd is it, that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

There is no tomorrow, just today.
We hope for a tomorrow, by living for today.
We hope to live tomorrow, by challenging today.
We die today, for there to be a tomorrow.

#BlackLivesMatter #QueerLivesMatter #CivilRights #LGBTRights

Together we rise

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The more things change: An analysis.

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Jairo Rodrigues is an award-winning human rights and social development programme coordinator. He specialises in social change projects and advocacy methodologies on gender relations, sexual and reproductive health and rights, comprehensive sexuality education, LGBT, and youth development.

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