Need contraceptives, ladies? We got you.

Family planning (deciding when to be pregnant, how often, and by whom) is essential at this time; you need the sex for stress and boredom relief but you don’t need the stresses of being pregnant and everything that comes after it. And simply put, some women just don’t want to be pregnant for the man they’re stuck with during this time.

That’s quite alright. There are some tools you can use to prevent and delay pregnancy.

CONTRACEPTIVES. Or as we commonly call them…

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Now let me start off by being blunt. These are some trying times.

There are shortages in the market as the pandemic is stressing medical resources, shipment and personnel hours to provide these services; it is still a vital and essential service being offered but at referrals from your usual clinics, unavailability of your favourite method, and/or reduced service times.

This article provides contact info on where you can access family planning consultations or some of these limited contraceptive services. As clinic times may vary, and stocks are depleting, please call ahead before going to the clinic. Just to be sure.


Doctor Pedro Paez Hernandez Clinic
Farm Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara | Mobile: 678-6093

Contraceptives available:

  • 2-month (Noristerat) injectable
  • 10-years (Copper-T) IUD
  • 5-year (Jadelle) implant

Abortion services also provided if contraception failed or you already have an unwanted pregnancy.

Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA)
70 Quamina Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown (Just behind Main Street Quik Serve, next to the Hallmark Store)
Telephone: 225-4743, 225-0738

Clinic is operational but with reduced service hours.

Low-cost Contraceptives available:

  • 2-month (noristerat) injection
  • Copper-t (IUD) 10 years
  • 5-year (Jadelle) implant
  • 3-year (implannon) implant
  • Male condoms

Abortion services also provided if contraception failed or you already have an unwanted pregnancy.

New Amsterdam Hospital’s V.I.A Clinic
Telephone: 333-2591 (ask for the VIA Clinic), Mobile: 602-6541

Will be opened on May 28, on Thursdays only for consultations with the Doctor.

Free Contraceptives available:

  • Implant (3 – 5 years)
  • IUD (10 years) in depleting stock
  • Male condoms

No abortion services will be offered at this time, you will be referred to GPHC.

Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s (GPHC) Family Planning Clinic

(New Market Street Entrance, check in with the Maternity Ward for directions)
Telephone: 227-5511

Contraceptives are not for outpatients at this time; you will be referred to health centres.

Free post-abortion, post-natal contraceptives available:

  • Injectables
  • Pills
  • Implants
  • Male condoms

Abortion services also provided if contraception failed or you already have an unwanted pregnancy.


Health centres:

Please contact or visit your local health centre on their free family planning services/ contraceptives available:

*Note, this link is down for maintenance. Time to use the ye old directory!

Emergency contraception at Pharmacies

The morning after pill would be available at most pharmacies but this is only for accidental pregnancies, it is an emergency option and should not be used like daily vitamins. You will run the risk of medical complications and the ineffectiveness of the pill.

To see which option is right for you, click here.



Featured image by Unsplash, Thanks to Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition. 

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