Introducing Thursday Night Live

Thursday Nights will never be the same again, MAGLyfe did promise you the oomph and pomp in entertainment and lifestyle and with this we introduce our first entertainment project, Thursday Night Live.

With projects partner Perspectives Premier and Chez John – a new local bistro label – we are set to present Thursday evenings like you’ve never experienced before in Georgetown.

So, what really is Thursday Night Live (TNL)?

The short answer would be dinner and a live show but it is more than just that.

TNL is an initiative for artists to express themselves. It is a weekly feature which presents an open stage/open mic platform that we hope will nurture an underground creative space that is authentically, culturally and artistically Guyanese.

That’s just it. The event is really to give a stage and the mic to artists, it fills the void Upscale Poetry and Comedy Nights left since its closure in 2015 but TNL adds more by including a wider range of artistry and an added unique experience in casual dining in Georgetown.

Lime and Dine

DiningDining area and Bar at the Dutch Bottle Café
(Photo Credit: The Dutch Bottle)

How many places can you go to that offers a menu with just Guyanese products, live Guyanese entertainment and fresh ‘underground’ artistry you wouldn’t find anywhere else but here?

The drink and dining menus comprise of locally grown and sourced products and ingredients. Enjoy a Banks Beer, have a glass of Pandama Wines, or a shot of El Dorado Rum, even try our seasonal cocktails.

Have a platter of cassava frits, sweet potato fries, ground yams with pork ribs and chicken wings.  The menu, designed by Culinary Director, Eon John of Chez John changes seasonally to complement the varying fruit seasons so there would never be the same items for too long and they all promise to be exciting, new and truly Guyanese in taste.


TNL is a social space for artistes and patrons alike to meet, swap roles and chill in a truly creative atmosphere. We couldn’t think of a better venue than the Dutch Bottle Café, a building of Demerara colonial architecture which provides its own heritage, adding value to the dining and mingling experience.

The Dutch BottleExterior of the Dutch Bottle at Nights
(Photo Credit: The Dutch Bottle)

As soon as we took this idea to the managers of the Dutch Bottle, we got a resounding YES!

Why we need it?

TNL fills a void for artistes; those who are needing of a space to inspire and be inspired; those needing a relaxed and underground space to breathe life into their artistry; for those who showed such passion in sharing their talents and craft but now have nowhere to go; it is for the generation of dramatist, poets, musicians, and designers who never had the space Upscale provided.

An artist expressing himselfAn artist expressing his poetry at Upscale Poetry Night (2015)
(Photo Credit: Upscale Poetry)

TNL will change all that.

We would like to create such a space where artists can express themselves, be encouraged to pursue their talents and meet potential clients and gain a fandom; that is why we tell all our acts to bring their business cards and flyers, promote upcoming shows – network yourself, expose yourself.

We understand that artists must be taken seriously, paid for their work and services – we will not profit off their talents. TNL is committed to not only providing this space but for pushing for an actual business model for the creative industry, and this involves taking artistry as serious as the business it is.

Tourism and marketing companies Dagron Tours and Visit Guyana have given support to the TNL initiative and will market this event to their clients as a to-do while in Georgetown so yes, we will also be attracting a tourism market and why not?  We do welcome visitors to experience Guyanese culture in its purest, enjoy Guyanese foods and drinks and mingle and be a part of our artistic family.

Crowd at UpscaleFans, potential clients, agents, visitors and other supporting artists cheers on at Upscale Poetry Night (2015. Photo Credit: Upscale Poetry)

Where in the city can you take your friend from overseas who keeps asking you about arts and culture in Georgetown? When next someone asks “What is there to do here?” just say, “Hey! You wanna check out this cool place that has live local arts, entertainment and delicious Guyanese cuisines?”

Come on, join the party!

TNL Objectives:

  • To source Guyanese products and talents
  • To promote a Georgetown underground culture
  • To offer a free and open space for aspiring artists and artistes to showcase their talents
  • To ultimately realize and push the local creative industry

TNL Features:

  • A safe space for everyone to be and express themselves
  • Live music, original poems
  • A Great Dining and liming experience
  • Open Mic / Open Stage
  • A creative space for all genre of the arts


It’s Thursday Night and we are LIVE!

There will be a different celebrity host every week to keep the show going; at least 5 acts will perform for the night so expect raw poems, jazzy instrumentals, fashion shows, soul music and rocking bands – but we are not limited to just music, poems and fashion – the stage is as open as the potential for new arts.

We want drag, we want jaw dropping, new, reinvented, juicy, inspiring, ground shattering acts.

The stage is yours, make of it what you will.

A cash incentive is given to the best act of the night, selected by the audiences’ applause.

So, put this on your to-go and to-do list.

TNL Promo.jpeg

Thursday Night Live, every week from 7pm at the Dutch Bottle Café, 10 North Road, Bourda Georgetown.
Cover fee of $500 at the door or book tables in advance by emailing, subject “Reservations”.

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Jairo Rodrigues is a Women Deliver Young Leader, Human Rights Advocate and Social Change Projects Coordinator specializing in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), and programmes related to gender relations, women empowerment, youth development, and LGBT Rights.

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