The Evolution of Mashramani

Some people are arguing that there is no longer a Mashramani, not even in the traditional sense of the word. Last week I questioned why we really celebrate the actual holiday if we do not have much to celebrate after having done little to no work, but this week I want us to look at the evolution of our local celebration of the carnival festival. … Continue reading The Evolution of Mashramani

MUSIC REVIEW: Mashing Up De Place

“Up in yuh face” Vanilla sings in her smash new 2017 Mashramani (Mash) song titled ‘Mash up de place’. Only a few weeks ago we were introduced to this song but we already can’t get the lyrics out of our system. It’s currently one of the most played Mashramani songs on local airways.  Could this be one of the best Mashramani songs for 2017 thus … Continue reading MUSIC REVIEW: Mashing Up De Place

OPINION PIECE: 21st Century Black Girl

Hi, I’m a dark-skinned girl living it up in the 21st century. I know, I know… it’s not ground breaking news, but we still exist – real chocolate girls with melanin and natural glow. Why am I reminding you that we still exist? Well, I feel like we’ve become endangered, exaggeration intended. Too many of our dark-skinned girls are lost every day to the rapidly … Continue reading OPINION PIECE: 21st Century Black Girl

Abbigale Loncke: From Humble Beginnings to Major Moves

When given the chance to shine, SHINE! This is the lesson learnt from Abbigale Loncke’s recent adventures in the Americas. Hardworking, fun-loving and determined Abbigale Loncke was among four young Guyanese entrepreneurs selected to participate in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI). The passion and determination exuded by Abbigale throughout the six-week exchange programme and during her hub’s pitch competition landed her a … Continue reading Abbigale Loncke: From Humble Beginnings to Major Moves


Name: Tara Leuvina Smith Occupation: Editor When did you start your natural hair journey: There is a misconception that a person goes natural, we are born natural and we go ‘un-natural’ or in this context we begin to relax our hair. But to put a date to when I stopped relaxing my hair … I believe it was November, 2015 Why did you: I began … Continue reading NATURALISTA: TARA LEUVINA SMITH

Good Hair Don’t Care

pinterestEver since I was a child I admired persons with long flowing hair – the kind that went pass the shoulders and moved its way down the back. The kind that looked like silk; oh, how I wished that my own hair was that silky. My mother, being of East Indian descent, may have contributed to the bias I had when it comes to hair texture – I just couldn’t get over how smooth her hair was, while mine was ever so kinky. Continue reading “Good Hair Don’t Care”