That Time I Had A Coconut Milk Pedicure

I can’t compare this experience to another because 1. this was my first coconut milk pedicure and 2. I’ve only done pedicures at this spa – Healing Waters Spa, but I can say that it was utterly mind-blowing. (I’m not overreacting!) One of my favourite things about Healing Waters is there weekly specials, follow them on Facebook and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I logged on to Facebook and noticed that they were offering Coconut Milk or Green Tea Pedicures (for $3000). I was in dire need of a pedicure so I jumped at the opportunity to have a very unique and slightly affordable one done. I was intrigued by the coconut milk / green tea element. So I booked my appointment.

The estimated time of the pedicure was 45 minutes. That provided enough time to read through work documents for the week I thought, so I went prepared.


The pedicure was thorough. The coconut milk soak lasted the perfect amount of time to soften the dead skin on my feet. The pedicurist was very meticulous. She exfoliated with a maize scrub then applied a mud masque and left it to set for a while. Not to worry about calluses, there’s calluses remover for that.  She was careful to trim and file to the perfect length for me. At the end of the process she masterfully moistured and massaged my feet. And of course, polished to complete the pedicure. I was both impressed and satisfied.

Not only is the pedicure long but it is also very relaxing. One of the reasons you should definitely add it to your to-do list.

Another reason you should try it is obvious – the coconut milk! Coconut milk is great for your skin; it is rich in vitamins (A and C), calcium, iron and natural proteins which contribute to a smooth and radiant skin. Coconut milk is considered a great moisturer, perfect for dehydrated skin; it helps to renew and rejuvenate skin.

Fun fact: Coconut milk also slows down the ageing process. So this might be something you want to add to your daily bath water. It is known for preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.

The Coconut Milk & Green Tea Deluxe Pedicures are being offered by Healing Waters Spa for $4500. Have your own experience!

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