#SundayFunday at HJ Water World

Last Sunday, my girlfriends and I decided to take #SundayFunday to the HJ Water World. It was my second time at the establishment, my first to really take in the sights (sites) and sounds. I was honestly impressed with the place. There’s a bar and a restaurant – The Rock Restaurant & Bar. Inflatable pools for the children, one large pool for adults, there’s the Dragon Water Slide and a little “pond” (I’m sure they have another name for it, lake perhaps?!) to the back. The numerous modern and trendy outdoor furniture strategically positioned is aesthetically pleasing and completes the fashionable look of the place.


Luckily, we visited on a day that wasn’t overly crowded. The potential existed but on account of horrible service delivery two (large) families “cussed out” who appeared to be the “person in charge”, packed up their belongings and left. The problem (in a nutshell): they were waiting for a very long time on the food they ordered and the attitude of the servers in the restaurant was most unpleasant. So they decided to leave and take their #SundayFunday activities elsewhere. Very unfortunate. Fortunately, for us, we were able to sit in a bigger, shadier spot.

HJ Water World is exceptional, it’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s the perfect #SundayFunday chill spot for spending time with family and friends. I would recommend it to anyone.

But before I do, I urge the proprietors to address my issues with the place:

The Bar: 1. There is no cocktail menu. If your bartender can mix drinks, you need to at least have a cocktail / bar menu. Especially for someplace as tropical as HJ Water World. #BeFancy 2. Without a cocktail menu the waitress is clueless thus is in no way equipped to discuss cocktails with your guest. What is a “Strawberry Something”? #FixItJesus. 3. People will order what they see. If you cannot open the bottle on display, REMOVE IT FROM DISPLAY. It’s not a prized showcase in your house, it’s the “drinks menu” at the bar. 4. Having a concert (or any activity) the day before should not interfere with your bar the next day. What about sponsorship? What about knowing that the establishment will still have to be opened the next day??? How about STOCK UP?!!!! 5. You cannot tell me that the bar does not have change, what you can say is that when you’re in receipt of some hundreds I will get my change. Luckily, the drinks were cold.


The Restaurant: 1. No menu, a simple piece of paper laminated can surely do the trick.  2. The time it takes it be served is a bit much. Two families left because the wait was wayy too long and the attitude of the restaurant staff was wayy too unpleasant. Perhaps, a number system, so when persons pay they collect a number which ensures that their food doesn’t good to someone else. I think this is what probably happened, because waiting over 1 hour for food is NOT IT!! 3. The kitchen area needs a bigger bin. More bins are needed around the establishment in general.

Apart from this tragic and unfortunate bit, the food is amazing. The barbecue chicken is succulent. This is my problem with the place, everything is so damn good, all we ask for is some GOOD SERVICE. Maybe training for staff is required, maybe it’s just about having proper directions and guidelines when executing certain tasks. Maybe all I listed above happens at other places, maybe that’s cool for some, but not for me. I envision this establishment to be the ‘Must Stop Spot for Sunday Shenanigans’ and for that to happen it has to up its game.

It’s not ONLY about visiting HJ Water World, taking a few photos and posting it on Instagram and Facebook for others to see and want to visit. Very importantly, it’s about ensuring that a place as beautiful and with so much potential as HJ Water World exceeds all exceptions. Customer service is paramount at any establishment and when we attempt to speak about tourism and development in Guyana, we need to ensure that our gems are sparkling.

So, I implore all persons involved to get it together. Hoping for better when I visit next time, which will be soon. What can I say, I like the place!

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