Cucumber and Coconut Body Masque

This very simple masque is perfect for extremely dry skin. It works to rehydrate and revitalize the skin.

What you’ll need:

Five Cucumbers (medium)

One Coconut

Quarter teaspoon of Vitamin E (capsule)

The Mix:

Blend cucumber with skin, do not add water. Grate coconut and add to cucumber with Vitamin E and blend for 1 minute. Place on a stove on high heat for no more than 5 minutes.

Take a shower with warm water before using mix, this helps to remove dead skin. Dry skin and apply mixture.

Leave mixture on for 1 hour and then rinse off. No need for body lotion.

Bonus: I usually use my yoga mat for body masque application and relaxation.

Created and submitted by: Roland .A. Beckles-Lamazon

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MAGLYFEE, a Guyanese lifestyle blog, is the brainchild of Shemmypatty. Shemmy is a bad feminist, mother, creative, writer and lover of life.

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