Date Night With Bae : Guyana Marriott Hotel

What do you do on a Saturday night when Guyana Restaurant Week is slowly coming to an end? You visit a participating restaurant!!!! So, I got spruced up, with Bae in tow and visited the second restaurant on my #GuyanaRW2015 “tour” – the highly controversial Guyana Marriott Hotel. Ready for my ramble??

1. The Guyana Marriott Hotel is gorgeous!!!!!! The splendour starts from the moment you enter the compound. The decor is astounding; the ambience is alluring. There’s a bar just as you enter the hotel; the gift shop, the Terra Mare Restaurant and the Caribe Boardwalk Pool Bar and Grill are the other accompanying features on the lower flat of the hotel. The Guyana Marriott Hotel is simply breathtaking (IMO).

2. The Waiter and Service: First off, the restaurant was packed. Who said nobody visits the Marriott??? We waited on the hostess to find us seats. As soon as we were seated, a waiter came. He greeted us and announced that there is a $5000 buffet being offered tonight for Guyana Restaurant Week. That’s all I wanted to hear. Thank you, Sir! He noted that the buffet came with a complimentary juice and took our order. He also noted that is it “all you can eat” so seconds are recommended. Extremely commendable service.

3. The Food: THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Let me take you through the buffet. There was soup – cream of corn soup. There was a salad bar, with a wide selection of salads – four or five different kinds. The main course was very traditional – cook-up rice, BBQ chicken, fried fish, cabbage, stew beef – but at the Marriott the simplest meal can be made into a feast. There was also an extensive array of dessert options. The food was plentiful and palatable. The drinks were just as good – my cocktail and the fruit juice were delicious. $5000 well spent!

4. The Prices: We asked for the drinks menu, to buy other drinks but more importantly to see the prices that everyone keeps harping about. The first thing that caught my attention was the price for a GT Beer (isn’t this like the cheapest beer on the market?) – a whooping $900 (maybe because it is uniquely ours?!). The other prices are indeed a tad inflated. I remembered my experience at Radissons in Trinidad. I went to the bar to order a Guinness, got my drink, paid the bartender and proceeded to a quiet corner to convert the price, because whenever I travel, I always compare prices to see the difference. So I compared the price of a Guinness at Radissons to the price of a Guinness at say, Midtown Restaurant and Bar. Let’s just say if I were home I would not have paid that price for a Guinness, but it goes to show that international hotels carry international prices. And the Marriott is International, definitely not the place you’ll go to every weekend if you’re seriously considering your finances.

5. The Experience: The Guyana Marriott Hotel is a beautiful place (I’ve said that quite a few times already). Terra Mare is a lovely restaurant, very spacious with access to the poolside bar and private dining. Dinner and dialouge with bae made for a lovely Saturday evening. It was graduation day at the University of Guyana, so the newly graduated and overly excited gave us much to talk about, as well.

The Guyana Restaurant Week was indeed a great initative. Hats off to the organisers. Let’s do this again, soon!

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