Great Food, Good Company : Oasis Cafe

I noticed an advertisement for Guyana Restaurant Week (GRW) on Facebook, being the foodie that I am I clicked the link to get the deets. I learnt that Guyana Restaurant Week is a culinary celebration of the best restaurants in Guyana! Spanning ten days, participating restaurants will offer an exclusive lunch and/or dinner menu at a significantly reduced price. I like to eat and try new and exciting things so I was sold. Here’s my ramble about my first experience.

1. First off, I assumed that Guyana Restaurant Week 2015 (#GuyanaRW2015) was a big deal. I envisioned a sign or notification highlighting this venue as a participating restaurant. I figured too that participating restaurants imagined an influx of patrons and would have prepared aesthetically for that. Needless to say, my assumptions are just that … assumptions. I visited the Oasis Cafe as the first stop on my #GuyanaRW2015 “tour” with my co-workers. Our stop mirrored a regular lunch stop with colleagues (essentially I was, but I was in #GuyanaRW2015 feels). The waitress said nothing about Guyana Restaurant Week or that there is a delicious $2000 buffet.
2. I was excited about the prospect of devouring appetizing dishes but I was also eager to collect the GRW passport. I enjoy fun competitions, so I was really looking forward to collecting stamps at the restaurants I decided to visit. I remember reading “Download or collect a GRW passport sheet at any participating restaurant…” so with a strong competitve spirit I asked the waitress for my passport. Much to my horror, she informed me that they hadn’t any passports. Well, this was going wonderfully! Note to self: Download, print and store one in your purse for future stops. food1

3. Now for the fun and important part. I went for the food and the food was DELICIOUS! Oasis Cafe is known for good food so I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed every bite and hadn’t any space for seconds. (I’m not going to mention that the website said with dessert but we weren’t offered or directed to any.) The cucumber and pine salad is definitely something to scream and shout about. Oasis gets ALLLL the points for food, I can assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed should you decide to try then for GRW.

4. The food was good and my company made the experience all the more wonderful. For me, this “challenge” is all about the experience. Experiencing the grandeur of our local restaurants in the company of friends who join you in discussing the gorgeous guy who walks in or the fact that butter comes in a tub (inside joke). You’re afforded the opportunity to visit and support local restaurants; and you’re also encouraged to be venturesome in your pursuit for food. Food is usually just a walk across the road from the office not a taxi ride to one of the participating restaurants and when again will dinner at the Marriott cost only $5000. I’m excited about the other stops on my “tour”.

5. Oasis Cafe is naturally a cosy and welcoming place to dine. It’s that little modern sophisticated coffee shop that makes you feel cosmopolitan, thanks to the decor and ambience. Definitely on the “places to visit while in Guyana” list.

To learn more about Guyana Restaurant Week visit the website.

For more information on Oasis Cafe, like them on Facebook or visit their website.

Featured Image compliments of Oasis Cafe

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