Style Alert: StrapWork for StrapQueens

Say Hello to the exceptionally popular and very fashionable – BFW sandals!

These sandals are all the craze right now; a must have for fashionistas in and out of Guyana.  The BFW brand of sandals is owned by creative mind and Hair stylist, Jessica Smith. The name for the brand was derived from a nickname Jessica was given when she was younger – Blaks. BFW stands for Blaks Foot Wear.

What’s especially unique and practical (and inexpensive) about these sandals is the ONE sole MANY sandals concept. The sole is standard and black, but what really gives the sandals its edge are the interchangeable straps. A variety of colours are available, allowing you to display different patterns and styles making BFW sandals versatile and different from your everyday flip flops.

Here are a few of those colours, patterns and styles:

Whilst chatting with Jessica, she noted that this style is not new and that it has always been around for quite some time. The style originated in Mexico and was initially called Chula Sandals, made mainly for beachwear. Jessica wanted to go beyond beachwear; her idea was to create and market a product that fashionistas could wear everyday and anywhere. The style slowly made its way to the Caribbean, particularly Jamaica; and that’s when Jessica thought why not bring it to Guyana and so BFW sandals was birthed.

The material used in Guyana is very different from the ones used in other countries. The straps are made from Lycra and the soles are 100% Guyanese leather. The standard designs are the overly popular 3 loop sandals, the Candy Soles and the Flowers in the Garden sandals.

BFW aims to continue to wow and dazzle, Jessica is currently working on a Bejeweled Line and a Thigh High Line, which will feature exclusive gladiator BFW sandals. BFW also caters for children, the Children’s Line was launched recently.

The brand has been around for a little over a year and the response is overwhelming. “I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone in one of the sandals,” says Jessica.

I personally think that they’re fabulous! If you’re a fan, get yours today!!!

For more information about BFW sandals:

Follow the movement on Instagram @BFWsandals | Like BFWsandalsGuyana on Facebook | Call Jessica on 6156111.

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