Trendy African Prints

My new fascination is African Prints. This post is not to overthink the “African” in African print but rather to highlight its versatility, sophistication and fashion forwardness. For many of us, fashion continues to be an important part of everyday life. What do I wear to work? Is this appropriate for date night? Can I wear this to a business meeting? What do I wear to Jane’s wedding? What do I wear to the club this weekend? Questions we ask ourselves quite often. For the purpose of this post, the simple answer is African Print.

African print has evolved tremendously. Many persons have been embracing the trend and fashionistas globally have been sharing wonderful outfit designs for both men and women. In Guyana, we only see African print at Culture Day, an African Wedding or Emancipation celebrations. Imagine moving beyond the norm, and taking a bold step by incorporating prints a lot more into your wardrobe. To be honest, I don’t have a single piece of African print in my wardrobe but I’ve seen tons of outfits I’m dying to try – if you know a decent seamstress you can sew many of them or you can even buy many of these outfits online. I am all for trying new things and this is definitely one of those things I can’t wait to jump on.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces and where they’re perfect for:

Work: I strongly believe that there is a link between how you dress for work and productivity. If you look good, you’ll work better.

african1      african2      african3

Of course, I’ll want the last one to stop at my knee.

Date night  or any social event, including clubbing: Wow not only your date but other fashionistas in the room.

african4  african5  african6  african7

For those overly formal events: Weddings, Award Ceremonies, New Year;s Celebrations and the like.

african8  african9  african10  african11

African prints can be found in Stabroek Market and there are countless designs on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Finding the cloth and the perfect style for you is not rocket science, you just need to be bold enough to try.

Is this something you would add to your wardrobe? Drop us a line and let us know.

Photo cred: Pinterest

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