Guy Shorts: The In Thing

Guys would you try this new trend? Ladies, would you allow you significant other to try it?

Guy shorts are now the new craze. It’s currently in many designer collections but is it cute? Fashion is a risk, while some might jump at it, others might prefer to pass on it. When we hear shorts we imagine everything a female would enjoy, seldom do we picture it on a man. Fashion knows no gender. Hehe!


Making your guy shorts pop is the furthest thing from easy. Finding the right length, pattern, fit and style, is paramount. It’s important to ensure that your shorts are not too short and not too tight. A good decent fit is the look we’re trying to have.

I’ve seen shorts paired with brazers and suit jackets, somewhat of a no-no; shorts are very causal to me. Ideal for vacations in the Caribbean, day out at the beach, a cool barbeque and lime, a fun day with friends and family, pool limes, private causal parties, afternoon limes, sitting in front of the television watching basketball with friends or by yourself. Stay true to its causal laid back roots. Please don’t wear shorts to weddings or in an attempt to be overly formal. I just don’t see it happening.

This look is a tricky look. Be mindful also of your height. If you’re overly tall, be careful of the length you choose. Please pink man shortsdon’t wear socks with your shorts. We wouldn’t want you to run the risk of looking overly aged. Comfy sneakers, sandals or even slippers are preferred.

Guy shorts are best worn with your shirt out and not in, also think colour. By introducing a brighter colour you can take shorts from boring to eye-catching. Shorts have a place in every man’s wardrobe, just make sure you wear them right.

Men on guy shorts:

“I like them, you have to be able to push the limits and stand out in fashion sometimes…an inch here or there shouldn’t define a man. Better to stand out than fit in.” – Max.

“I actually have a lot of these in my closet. I think they’re comfortable and different. I love them.” – Delon

Ladies on guy shorts:

“I think they’re hot. Not the overly short and tight type. When the fit is correct and the colours are nice they are lovely. It must fit above the knee and the legs should be slim and fit.” – Natasha.

“I adore a fashionable man and one that’s not afraid to make a fashion statement. This is exactly what guys in guy shorts do. I think they’re cute, once the fit is perfect, it’s handsome.” – Alicia

What do you think of this modern addition to a man’s closet?

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