Headscarf or Nahhh…

This style has been around for quite some time now, more so for the traditional and very local –  my hair’s not combed let me hide it and the just styled let me keep it fresh looks which cover your entire head. Globally, it has been used for many other fashionable purposes.

But more recently, headscarves which can be worn tied to the front or back, or like a turban (your call), are becoming super trendy, and can be worn to casual events and happenings, namely, a Saturday in Georgetown, a day on campus, A Sunday at cricket, a Friday at the Office, afternoon drinks, vacation on an island, etc, etc. 

I might think twice about trying it, but it’s a really good look and definitely something we can embrace further since we’re already familiar with it. Perfect for those willing to experiment and wanting to stand out.

Headscarves come in all forms and prints – animal, floral, solids, tribal, you name it, it can be found so be bold and creative and jump outside of your comfort zone.

Though it gives a hippy kind of appeal, it’s gorgeous and easy to create; also prefect for when you’re running late, can’t seem to find an appropriate hairstyle to rock or just not in the mood to style your hair. It’s the best easy, stylish alternative around.

Conversely, this style can be used to spice up any hairstyle. You decide!

Here are some styles I found online:



Since it’s International Women’s Day (today, Saturday, March 8, 2014), I find it timely to share this photo with you. (And really how cute and appropriate)


The image above is one that I’m sure we’ve all seen before. She is rocking her headscarf. Today, this image signifies women’s empowerment and rights.

Nowadays, the headscarf exemplifies coolness and comfort. Headscarves can be worn to pull off any look, maybe something you’d definitely want to add to your list of trends to try for 2014.

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MAGLYFEE, a Guyanese lifestyle blog, is the brainchild of Shemmypatty. Shemmy is a bad feminist, mother, creative, writer and lover of life.

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