Dream Big: Happy Anniversary MagLYFE

Happy Anniversary MagLYFE!

One year ago, we were launched on January 13, 2013 at 13:00hrs. There’s something about that number 13 that oozes luck and good fortune, many of which we’ve had over the past year.

What started out as a dream is now alive – has LYFE. The team and you, our ardent supporters have given it such LYFE. The dream was to have a magazine that young men and women can relate to, can enjoy and can learn from. We’ve received many insightful, honest and noteworthy responses, for this we’re grateful, because of this we know that the dream has been realized. But there’s so much more for us to do and we intend to.

I intend to make 2014 the year of MagLYFE. My biggest wish is to be as consistent as can be. It will take a lot of work but I’ve got the support that I need. Remember, you’re only as strong as your team. Also, the most amazing thing about dreams is that they can be made into LYFE. Dream it, believe it, achieve it! It’s harder that it seems but nothing worth having comes easy. It’s here that I’ll take the opportunity to encourage all of you to dream big, work on your talents and skills, there’s a reason you’re passionate about a certain something. Keep the dream alive. Work on it, work for it, don’t let it die. I would not be writing this right now if I’d allowed my dream to remain a dream. You wouldn’t be reading this if I’d allow my dream to die. So to you our readers, dream big! “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Sincere thank you to the team – Monique and Tivia – for working tirelessly to make MagLYFE a reality; we’ve had a great year and here’s to many more great years. Our work is now beginning!

Thank you to our amazing web developer – Tanika Van Sluytman Jones – for our wonderful, interactive website.

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing five vibrant, determined, successful and inspirational young Guyanese for our covers. Many thanks to Steve Douglas, Christopher Barnwell, Ruqayyah Boyer, Keisha Edwards and Rhona Fox for allowing us into their lives.

Heartfelt thank you to our featured personalities and contributors, thank you, thank you!

And finally you our valued readers and supporters, profound thank you for reading and also for every like, follow, retweet, share and comment. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Thankful for 2013, excited for 2014!

Much love,
Schemel xo

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MAGLYFEE, a Guyanese lifestyle blog, is the brainchild of Shemmypatty. Shemmy is a bad feminist, mother, creative, writer and lover of life.

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