Vison Boarding

I first caught wind of this activity whilst reading Necole Bitchie’s personal blog and I’ve been a fan of it since then. Setting goals are important but sometimes we lose sight of what we’re trying to achieve. I think it is for this reason that vision boarding is so important.

A vision board is a pictorial display or scrap book of magazine clippings displaying all the things you hope to achieve or personal things you hope to attain. Since, we’ve just started a new year now is an excellent time to get yourself a vision board. Find pictures or draw the things you want to achieve for this new year (or beyond). Then paste/hang your board where you can see it all the time. Seeing and thinking about something long enough will bring that into your life. When you start visualizing what you want in life, those things will slowly begin to manifest.

I’ve created a vision board this year of all the things I hope to achieve, I’ve also left a little space should I need to add something else to the board.

Creating a vision board or book is easily, all you’ll need is a board or a scrape book, magazine clippings and glue. Only you can know what you want in life, only you have the will to achieve whatever it is you want. This is your vision for yourself. When you’ve gotten all the images that speak to you then paste them on the board/book. A vision board is only the beginning, having a vision is one thing, working towards your goals is everything.

You can create your vision board alone or you can invite a few friends over and have a vision board party. The latter oozes support because you’ll be able to support your friends in setting goals, likewise they’d be able to encourage you to push for what you want as well.

Rather than writing your goals down in a book, you might misplace or forget to check often enough, create your vision board and hang it in your room. It’s like a beautiful painting, the more you see it the more you wish it’d come to life.

Happy Vision Boarding!

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