Guyana Fashion Week 2013 – Bringing life to fashion … Bringing fashion to life!

It’s October, which signals Guyana’s signature fashion event, the Guyana Fashion Week (GFW).

Here are some things you just must know about Guyana Fashion Week 2013.

1. Guyana Fashion Week will be held from 20th to 27th October, 2013.

2. This year is the first since the event has become a biennial festival. After 2011, the GFW committee decided to alternate the Guyana Model Search/Designers Portfolio to implement the second phase of their action plan. The executive aims towards the development of the fashion industry as an area of immense creative and financial potential.

3. To date, there has already been a few competitions – photography,spoken words and designers. Recently, the GFW committee held a competition in celebration of World Water Week inspired by water sustainable properties. Through raising awareness for World Water Week, the competition intended to give life to fashion and bring fashion to life. GFW collaborated with the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment to bring awareness to the UN declared year of Water Cooperation.

4. GFW will see a list of overseas based Guyanese – Gem Fraser,Myrna Patterson,Juliet Bernard,Monica Caleb – showcasing their pieces this year. There are also quite a few other big names slated to display pieces, these names are to be announced shortly.

5. This year is special because it is the first Fashion Week and there is actually an entire week of great events that will provide a stage for the creative arts and major participation from the public. Also for the first time there is going to be an aspiring designers showcase.

Schedule of Activities for the Week
(All events will be held at Rahaman’s Park, Houston, Georgetown)

20th October – Cuttin’ Style – Fashion, Food and Fusion music –  7pm

21st October – Photo Op -Workshop – Photography – 1pm

All Ah We is One Family – Performing Arts Showcase – 730pm

22nd October – Makin’ Style – Workshop – Wardrobe Coordination/Styling/ Make up – 5pm

23rd October – Business of Fashion – Workshop – Targeting niche markets – 10am

It’s your day in Courts – Courts Aspiring Designers Showcase – 7pm

24th October – Hair Art – Workshop – Cut and Coiffe – 10am

25th October – Life in the Fast Lane Runway Collections – 8pm

26th October – Music – Music Workshop and Auditions – 12noon to 2pm

It’s all a matter of performance – Self esteem/confidence building – 2pm – 4pm

Kiss of Life Runway Collections – 8pm

27th October – Larger than Life Runway Collections – 8pm

Tickets cost:

$2500 (regular) $4000 (VIP)
Season Tickets – $6500 (regular) & $10,000 (VIP)
(season tickets allow access to all runway shows)

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