7 Reasons Why Men Cannot Forgive Cheating

Both men and women cheat, however while men are easily forgiven for having sex with other women (only God knows why); every woman knows that she will lose her man forever if she is ever caught trying to spend intimate time with another man.

Why this double standard in the day of gender equality?

1. Men seek out sex, while women seek out love and attention.

2. A man will not get serious with a woman who he thinks will cheat on him; on the other hand a woman always has it at the back of her mind that her man will cheat on her at some point in their relationship – she prefers to be proven wrong.

3. When a woman cheats, her man questions two of the main components of his manhood: his sex and his bank account- no man will ever be comfortable in a relationship that makes him feel as if he’s not good enough or he is not doing enough.

4. The mere fact that he is referred to as a dog and she is referred to as a whore.

5. The stigma attached to a man who stays with a woman who cheated on him will walk with him for the rest of his days. Also family and friends seem more willing to forgive an unfaithful man than an unfaithful woman.

6. When a man cheats on his woman her mind is filled with the following thoughts
• Is he in love with the other woman? –Would he ask me to stay ?
• Why did he cheat? Maybe it’s time for me to head back to the gym, spend more time at home and invest in some lingerie and Bedtime Erotica (Book by Lexy Harper)
• Does he support me financially and emotionally? If I leave him I will find another man who is going to cheat on me without giving me the same financial and emotional support.

A man only considers the fact his wife or girlfriend allowed another man to lie with her the same way that he does. The mental image that accompanies those thoughts are too torturing and haunting for him to continue the relationship.

Lucky number…

7 .They say men are not naturally monogamous.

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