Single Lady Chronicles: Date Night!

I was excited and somewhat fearful for my night ahead. I was going to aSpeed Dating Event! I was set and ready to try something new and I was plunging into things with an open mind. As I got glammed up to start my journey, I reminded myself that first impressions do count so I made it my duty to look tastefully appealing.

I should tell you that I was really very thrilled to see the venue, I’ve never been there and I take pleasure in trying new places. And boy was this place superb! As I entered, I was greeted by dim lights and a few cheerful people mingling with each other. I said hello to the hostess, ensured that I was signed in and took a seat in a corner to take in my surroundings. There was a television playing football (taking point #1); the décor, though simple was stunning, high tables and some regular ones were strategically scattered around the room and to the front, there stood the bar (just below the Television). I also noticed quite a few familiar faces so that reduced the anxiety factor a tad.

After falling in love with the venue (my only true and sure to be lasting romance for the evening), I decided to join the other speed daters at the bar for light banter. By light, I initially thought of brief but that didn’t happen since the activity started a lot behind schedule so I was involuntarily made to chat for quite some time with people I did know (Thank God). I thought that this might hamper our one-on-one conversations later in the evening but surprisingly it didn’t.

A little into chatting, wine and hor’devours were served. The food was amazing and the wine, well that’s always heavenly. So I was in my happy place (compliments of the food) and I was relaxed (thanks to the mingling). So good place, good food, now bring on the good guys, right?! (Right-ish!)

After eating, the ladies were all asked to sit at a table and the guys were asked to stand in the corner. The tables are all numbered. I was lucky #7, Woot! Woot! I sat at my table with my best non-intimidating smile. The guys were asked to choose any table to start, they (we) had seven minutes to converse and at the sound of the bell (BONG!) they were required to move to the number that preceded the one they started at. Gladiators readddyyyyyy?!!!!!!!!! I always liked when that guy said that, unfortunately our hostess didn’t, but she did give the signal to START YOUR DATES.

I’m really not going to tell you about alllllllllllllll of the guys, just the five (good and terrible) that stood out the most. Okayyyy!!!!


Dressed in all black and oozing a totally scary Gothic appeal this dude comes to my table with a cold stance and a weird smile. I wasn’t impressed, I was actually terrified. He started the conversation by asking me about what I liked to do, where I worked, the usual, blah, blah. In responding, I might have looked away for a nanosecond and he was like “why are you not looking at me, are you nervous, am I scaring you?” Ammm yesss, NEXT!


Tall, not dark and not handsome comes to sit at my table. Conversation started, but he was trying too hard to be funny and it was definitely not working for him. He was as funny as the Pope giving Easter Communion, nigga please, NEXT!


Finally a proper gentleman sits at my table. Good looking and charming, we chatted about work and what he did outside of work and why the hell we were both trying speed dating. I totally enjoyed talking with him and was a tad disappointed when the bell rang and we had to stop talking. Aww well, I’ll just have to say I need to speak to him more on my scorecard. (And I did, and now we speak, ok that is all)


Whew, finally someone I can dish about the rest of the guys with and also hear about some of the other girls. That aside, he also shared with me a bit about him that I didn’t know. Those seven minutes was both refreshing and enlightening. Weird!


Although, we spoke a lot prior to the commencement of the actual event, we still found stuff to talk about, a lot more personal stuff and I also heard about his girlfriend and the other guy that was supposed to be at the event but left to go home to his pregnant fiancé. Yeahhh, okay!!!!

All in all, speed dating was quite an experience, I had loads of fun, had it not been for this event I would not have met so many interesting and weird men in one night. And I would not have known the GOOD ONE, we still talk! (Just talk)

Listen out for the next 7 Speed Dating event and to the organisers, job well done girls!

Featured image by Istock

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