Mother & Daughter: A Bond that’s unbreakable.

Earlier this year, we organized a Mother’s Day Photo Competition and the winner of that competition was Lloyda Garrett. She sent us a photo of her and her mother which managed to receive the most likes on our Facebook page. She won for herself, this feature and dinner with her mother.

A strong relationship with your mother is not always easy for some people, but this pair has a bond that is unbreakable. We got a chance to hear from both of them about just how much they absolutely adore each other. Here’s what Lloyda and her mom, Jeanette Osbourne shared with us.

Mommy shares:

How did you feel the first time you held your daughter? Awesome, and grateful for this precious gift from God. More so, since I had a first miscarriage.

What is the most important lesson you’ve taught her to date? Integrity and being truthful regardless of the consequences.

She made you most happy when …? She took me to Kaieteur Falls for my 60th birthday.

LLoyda shares:

What do you love most about your mother? I love that there is no time I can say that she has not been there for me. Through good and bad she is there supporting Melaika and I. We always know that we have that someone who loves and supports us no matter what.

What’s the one thing you’ve copied from your mother that you use in your own family life? She is superwoman so it is hard to live up to all that she does on a daily basis. But that is my goal. To be that mother who is a nurturer at home and still maintains a professional career.

What’s the theme song of your relationship? Celine Dion- Because you loved me

Ever thought of the Mother & Daughter pageant? I have thought about it but mommy said NO. lol

What did you guys do on Mother’s day? Cooked and hung out at home

And together now:

What does bonding time entail?

Lloyda: Bonding time for me is probably most likely over a good meal. I think I am a better cook than her (lol) I love to prepare a meal and have us all sit down together and eat. She has started experimenting with recipes as well but we cannot be in the kitchen cooking at the same time. LOL

Mom: Looking at television or going out occasionally.

What is the most precious aspect of your relationship?

LLoyda: I crave and need her approval with everything that I do. She isn’t perfect or always right but I need her stamp of approval on anything that I do.

Mom: Being frank with each other.

I’m sure you disagree sometimes, how do you handle disagreements?

Lloyda: At the end of the day I only have one mother and no matter how upset we get it is comforting to know that she is always there. And there is nothing that I would let get in the way of our relationship because nothing can replace the love she has given me.

Mom: Leaving the situation to discuss later and at times trashing it out at the said time.

Five fun things about this duo:

Favourite holiday together:

Christmas! Even when I was living in Barbados I made sure I was home at Christmas. I think my mom goes crazy at Christmas. If you don’t watch her she will buy new everything.

Favourite TV show/game show or TV series you enjoy together :

I don’t think we like the same TV shows at all. She likes Dancing with the Stars and those types of reality shows. I like scripted television when I do watch and that would be shows like Scandal. But we do like to watch House Hunters on HGTV.

One passion that you guys share?

Travel! We both love to travel and of course Melaika’s (my sister) son Alex is the love of our lives.

One thing one likes that the other detests?

We’re drawing a blank here.

Cooking together or eating out together (if the latter, where?

Not cooking together and we don’t eat out often though when we do I think my mom likes Pegasus for sure.

Jeanette has two children Lloyda Garrett and Melaika Grogan. She has a grandson, Alex and is the care giver for her mother, Margaret Osborne who is 100 years old. And she has a brother, Ian Osborne. Lloyda is well known in TV Land, she’s an accomplished actress and poet.

Thanks for allowing us into your world ladies!

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