BEST LYFE: Imarah Radix

Life is about learning lessons and being loyal to the people in our lives; it’s also about great food and staying up late. Imarah Radix talks bout her best lyfe.

Best Comfort Food:

My mother’s double layer chocolate cake .She has always made this for me since I was a child growing up. No matter what happens in my life her cake is always amazing and cheers me up!!!

Best Lesson Learned:

That through hard work and dedication anything is possible! I have evolved to break moulds and stereotypes of what people think I am or assume I am. I am the former Miss Guyana World 2009, I am a humanitarian, I am a World Economic Forum Global Shaper ,I am an LGBT and women’s human rights advocate, I am ME! I have embraced the multifaceted personality that I am. I didn’t realize the power of knowing myself when I was younger and who I truly am .You can turn perceived weaknesses into your greatest strengths. You don’t know how strong you are until you are tested.

Best Virtue:

My best virtues are loyalty and integrity. I believe these two traits go hand in hand. If I can help someone and I give my word, I will move mountains to help them or complete something I have set my mind on to the best of my ability

Best Reason to stay up late:

Apart from routine research on Women’s Rights, Gender Equality, LGBT Human Rights .Most recently I have been excitedly preparing to represent Guyana at The One Young World Summit to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in October. I found out recently that I am a lucky recipient of the 100 Bar None Scheme of One Young World where I will be entirely sponsored by One Young World. Since then I have been applying for all related opportunities so that I can speak about how One Young World Delegates and Ambassadors can improve the state of the world, what I am doing to improve life for women and girls and represent Guyana on the international stage.

Best TV Show:

Any show that is supernatural or to do with drama/horror like Vampire Diaries, Hannibal, True Blood, Teen Wolf, The Killing.

Imarah is Miss Guyana World 2009, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper ,and the Programme Coordinator for the S4 Foundation.

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