Speed Dating!

Are you single? Ready for a life-changing relationship? But have no idea where to find someone deserving of your attention? “7 Speed Dating” may hold the key to unlocking endless possibilities for falling in love. The Full Hundred Performing Arts Ensemble is bringing speed dating to Guyana in an event called “7 Speed Dating” that promises to revolutionise the way Guyanese seek and find love. Speed dating is a modern way of uniting single professionals who are currently seeking a potential significant other. At each speed dating cycle a cozy venue is filled with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who will each have the opportunity to interact with each other in a fun, romantic and safe environment.

In other words, speed dating allows you to meet, or rather date, multiple persons in one night with the hopes of finding a match, or two, or three. Each date is limited to only a few minutes so your opinion of a potential suitor is based on his/her conversation skills, shared chemistry and physical appeal – basically only the important stuff! The hosts moderate the event in a systematic way that allows each bachelor one speed date with each bachelorette and vice versa. “7 Speed Dating” is aptly titled because each date at the event will last seven minutes, more than enough time to spy out your dream guy or girl.

It is scheduled for the 7th July, 2013 and will accommodate only 30 participants – 15 bachelors and 15 bachelorettes. The trendy Xie Xie Restaurant, Alexander Street, Kitty will host “7 Speed Dating” and participants will be treated to a buffet with scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and complimentary wine from their upscale menu. Romantic poetry and love songs will also set the mood at the lovers’ nest. Participation is by pre-registration ONLY: email speeddategy@gmail.com with the subject title “SIGN ME UP” or contact Xie Xie Restaurant on 225 – 7769 to participate in our premier speed dating cycle.There are also plans to organise more speed dating cycles in the future to accommodate participants who miss the first cycle and are put on our waiting list.

The Full Hundred Performing Arts Ensemble is a dynamic group consisting of young performers with a passion for the stage and the arts – drama, poetry, dance and music. They are the champions of Guyana’s inaugural National Drama Festival and have toured Guyana and parts of the Caribbean performing their award winning plays and short skits that focus mainly on the social issues that plague Caribbean youth. “7 Speed Dating” is also a fund raising event for the group that is hoping to finance their future performances slated for later this year.

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