Single Lady Chronicles: Hmmm, Speed Dating?!

I was invited to this “7 Speed Dating” event and was very surprised. My first thought was “speed dating in Guyana, how cool!” This is definitely something diverse and unique to Guyana and I was somewhat eager to see what it entailed.

So I accepted the invite and read the information, however much was given publicly. You were required to email the organisers if interested and then they would send you more information. I’m all for trying new things and this definitely piqued my interest (also it has nothing to do with the fact that I am very single and maybe, possibly might find a love match).

So I emailed the organisers and they sent me all the information I needed to get my Speed Dating adventure started. I received a response with rules and regulations for this event as well as a registration form. These documents were somewhat interesting.

But before I proceed any further, I should really tell you what exactly Speed Dating is (in case you don’t already know of course). Speed dating is a very fresh and exciting way to bring single persons together in a relaxed environment. It allows you to ‘date’ multiple persons in one night. Usually you have a few minutes to interact with each other before moving on to the next and by the end of the evening you would’ve met a number of possible suitors.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d love to continue to tell you about this local event (I’m overly excited about). It’s called 7 Speed Dating because you’re allowed 7 minutes to date an individual before moving on to the next. The all-inclusive event – there’s a registration fee which covers buffet service and wine – will be catering for a number of single professionals. On ‘Date Night’ I have to be sure to sign in at least 15 minutes before the start of the event to ensure that my spot is not even to someone else and most importantly to indulge in the cocktails. Mingling before the event will definitely set the mood for the night’s proceedings.

All the women present will get a number and will all be seated at cocktail tables for the rest of the evening. In the first round men will be given a table/woman for their first date. Participants will be paired initially based on the information provided in their registration forms. In the registration form I was asked to provide some basic information, what I look for in an ideal mate, why I’m a great catch and to list some of the things I did for fun. They also asked whether I’m a smoker (no) and have a tattoo (yes). After the prescribed 7 minutes of dating, the men will move to other women and so on until each man and each woman have gotten a date with each other. Sounds like a lot of fun!


We will all be allowed to score our dates and to highlight persons we’re definitely interested in. After the event, the organisers will compile the scores and any additional information and “matches” will be notified. You’ll be contacted after via email with the information for your match, after which it’s up to you to further the … dating.

I’ve given this event and my desire to participate much thought. After considerable deliberations I’m really positive about this adventure for a number of reasons: – for starters, I’m able to meet a number of new persons in ONE night for a small fee, imagine having to go on a number of dates, having to find an outfit for each one, taking a car to each venue and having to secure ‘vex money’ for any unforeseen interferences. Secondly, the dates last 7 minutes so if you’re overly obnoxious I don’t have to spent an entire evening pretending to like you, NEXT! The scope of men is also quite an advantage, picture having a conversation with an accountant, a lawyer, an engineer and a businessman in one night. And finally my absolute favourite reason is that you get to go straight to the point. No beating around the bush, because clearly we’re all here to find a match right, right?! Ask everything, be honest, and be real! First impressions WILL count!

I’m super excited to try this out, and who knows maybe I might find my future husband, I might be pushing it a bit but I definitely know I’ll have fun. This event happens next Wednesday, and yes I will be dishing on what happened on my dates.

So get excited for The Single Lady Chronicles: Date Night!

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