Too Taboo for You?!

Do you know that there’s a day for everything weird (and sexual) under the sun – like National Hickey Day or National Kissing Day, even National Steak & Blowjob Day, it gets weirder with National Cleavage Day and a shocker National Masturbation Day – these days are insane and observed globally.

Appreciatively I’m beginning to get used to the weirdness as I see them pop up on social media and the internet as a whole; SO imagine my surprise and shock when I came across National Masturbation MONTH. As if one day is not enough, there’s an entire month dedicated to MASTURBATION! WOW, I’m totally flabbergasted!

This month, May, is designated National Masturbation Month. National Masturbation Day is found in National Masturbation Month (of course) and the day and month are used to protect the right to masturbate. VERY INTERESTING!

There’s a lot of social stigma against masturbation and in some countries, including Guyana, masturbation is very taboo.  Masturbation is viewed negatively in many cultures, but why?! Just so that we’re on the same page, masturbation is the act of sexually stimulating one’s own genitals (says Wikipedia), in Guyana we know it as “pumping” or “playing with one’s self”.

Stimulatingly (I did that on purpose), masturbation has lots of benefits – both health and psychological. Masturbation is considered part of a healthy sex life, as an individual or a couple.

For Men:

o   It decreases the chances of prostate cancer; frequent ejaculation (breaking) helps in this regard.

o   It strengthens immune system; ejaculation increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which actually helps to regulate and maintain your immunity in small doses.

o   Amazingly, masturbation helps you to last LONGER, cool right?! Studies show that masturbating an hour before sex can give you more control. The art in this is to train yourself by timing yourself.

o   It makes you happier; masturbating releases a plethora of feel-good neurochemicals, namely dopamine and oxytocin that lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and ignite the reward circuits in your brain.

o   The epitome of safe sex – no “we need to talk” conversation, no “morning after pill rush”, no STIs scare.

   For Women:

o   It helps to prevent cervical infections and relieve urinary tract infections; studies (there are loads of information about masturbation online) state that female masturbation can provide protection against cervical infections because when women masturbate, the orgasm “tents” or opens the cervix.

o   It works as a means to wind down after a hectic day or to fall asleep at night, hormones, hormones, hormones! Dopamine, or the “feel-good” hormone, is on the rise during the anticipation of a sexual climax. After the climax, the calming hormones oxytocin and endorphins are released, making us feel the warm afterglow that helps us sleep. All these damn hormones though; science is very fascinating!

o   It strengthens relationship with Self! “When we know, love, and nurture ourselves on emotional and physical levels, we gain confidence and grow through self-awareness. Being able to recognize, articulate, and experience what brings pleasure is a powerful step toward fulfilment” – Women to Women.

o   Masturbation helps to improve cardiovascular health and lower risk of type-2 diabetes. By experiencing more orgasms and greater satisfaction with sex women are able to have greater resistance to coronary heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Hmmm!

o   It relieves stress; overly stressed, then masturbate it’s simple as that (maybe). Masturbation helps to relieve emotional stress by taking time for ourselves, amidst the demands of home, school, life, family, relationships and work.

Masturbation is an uncomfortable topic and it’s synonymous with feelings of guilt and shame. However, just like with love, it’s important to be able to please ourselves before we seek to be pleased. And the GREATEST thing about masturbation is that it’s something gratifying between you and YOU! Nobody has to know about your bedroom chronicles unless “yuh like talk”, you know what I mean right?!

This is not gospel, I urge you to do some more reading about masturbation and why you might want to consider it. I believe that it is imperative to start talking about taboo issues and more importantly I think that we need to stop being restricted by what society thinks. Who is society? Hellloooooooooooo, WE are society!

We have the capability to shape/change our world!

Btw, Happy National Masturbation Month!!!!!

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