Women That Are Difficult To Date

Men need women; like women need men. Most heterosexual men even go to the extent to say they cannot live without women. As much as we are a necessity to men, there are many things that we do that annoy them. Here is a list of women that men find difficult to accommodate (much less date).

The Self-Loathing/Insecure Woman – This is the most annoying type of woman to be honest. It’s not myth that confidence (not cockiness) is what men find to be the sexiest attribute in women. If you are not comfortable with yourself you cannot expect anyone to be comfortable with you. NB It’s not only being self-critical but dishing criticisms to random women also peeves men.

The Bossy Nagging Woman – Men love women who are smart and strong willed however not to the point that they think they know everything so they have to pass orders to everyone, including their men. Men totally hate when women tell them when to do and how to do men stuff, especially if it is said in a commanding or critical tone. The last thing a man wants is a woman second guessing or correcting everything he does.

The Gossip Girl – Men are generally not interested in whom your brother’s ex-girlfriend cheated on him with, yet women always insist on sharing every piece of the juicy details. Save the gossip for your girlfriends and spare your guy; preserve your relationship.

The Woman Who Is In A Hurry To Define The Relationship especially when they have not had enough time to get to know each other. This is a major deal breaker.

The Gold Digger – It is not only the fact that she is materialistic, it is also the fear that she will run off with someone who is wealthier than he is. It is for this reason that men generally prefer women who are willing to give and not only take in a relationship.

The Woman Who Cannot Keep A House – Men expect women to know at least the basics when it comes to cooking, cleaning and washing. I agree that it is equally important for men to know to carry out these chores, however, men, more than women, find it very different to date someone who cannot keep a house tidy. Every man wants to go home to a clean home; every man wants to know his children are going to be properly fed…

The Overly Emotional Woman – Similar to the self loathing woman, however this woman expresses herself with tears and sad faces instead of self harming words. This is the kind of woman that cries with her best-friend who is going through a divorce, or is unable to function for weeks if her dog dies. It is not that men do not want women to express their emotions but they are not always sure what to do when she is crying or upset. It gives a man great security knowing his woman is not going to crumble under every difficult situation.

The Stalker Chick – Women who call a dozen times or visit their current boo regularly are very scary to men- makes them run to the quickest exit.
The Drama Queen – As women we create drama especially when we feel like the relationship is becoming boring- this is not the best solution. Instead of lying about receiving malicious calls or creating conflict with female co-workers or his friend, try to find activities that you can do with your partner to spice up your relationship.

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