Cupid invites you to … The SWEETheart Charity Auction


REDbandaid Foundation, a charity organisation founded by Co-Founder Jennifer Hales & Venus Persaud. The Foundation seeks to give back to the needy.


REDbandaid’s 2nd Annual SWEETheart Charity Auction. Dashing Bachelors & Beautiful Bachelorettes are up for the taking!


Cupid is set to work his magic on Friday, March, 22, 2013 commencing at 11:00PM. (sharp)


The SWEETheart Chairty Auction will be held at Palm Court, Main Street.


The SWEETheart Charity event will take the form of a Dutch Auction. The REDbandaid Foundation has as its objective –  educating young individuals about the needs of the less fortunate. It is on this premise that the Foundation will use the proceeds from the Auction  to launch their “Little Bandaid’s Learning Network.” With an aim of helping the poor and deprived with basic living, education & health care facilities, the REDbandaid Foundation will continue to use modern yet unconventional strategies to garner revenue to procure these items. The Foundation is also appealing for unique marketing strategies from Guyana’s very youthful and innovative audience through volunteerism and specialized events.

Tickets for the auction are on sale at Gizmos and Gadgets, Street Styles & Oasis. Early Bird Limited Tickets $2000, General Ransom is 3000 & VIP Ransom is 5000. The event is sponsored by Corona, Lima & Co, Palm Court, HJTV, Sanjay’s Jewelry, Gizmos & Gadgets, Street Styles, Pieces ’n’ Things & Guyana Times

Special artistes are also expected to make an appearance, you would not want to miss this event.

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