Wine, maybe?

I love wine, I mean who doesn’t? And if you’re not yet a fan I hope that after reading this you’ll go out and get yourself a glass (or a bottle).

Based on all that I’ve read whilst reading up on wine, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that wine can easily be considered the best liquid tranquilizer of all time. It’s sophisticated, it’s soothing and it can easily put you to sleep. Unlike other manufactured beverages, wine is a natural product.

It is said that a glass of wine a day can improve your health.  Studies reveal that wine reduces heart attack and heart disease. A lot of these benefits are attributed to its non-alcoholic ingredients.

Wine shouldn’t be used if you’re looking for a kick, wine takes a little longer to get into your blood stream, the journey is slow and steady (but very delightful).This gradual pace allows persons to relax and unwind.

If all this talk of wine (and what it can do for the body) makes you want to indulge then The Vintage Wine & Cheese Bar is the ideal spot for you. Tucked away above The Red Cherry on Lamaha Street, The Vintage oozes sophistication and tranquillity (with a bit of mystery).

Your adventure starts from the stairs up; the ambience is welcoming and the décor serene with its first class look. There is a bar for casual drinking and chitchatting, comfy sofa arrangements for more intimate engagements and private rooms for reserved gatherings. Its soft lighting mixed with its unique settings contributes as well to its top quality appearance.

Photo Courtesy of The Vintage Wine & Cheese Bar
Photo Courtesy of The Vintage Wine & Cheese Bar

But what better name for a wine bar than The Vintage. The establishment though not aged is surely the finest of its kind. The Vintage has a collection of delicious wines from around the world – Chile, Australia, South Africa, France, the United States; definitely an interesting mix for any first timer. The Bar offers traditional red and white wines as well as sparkling wine.

When you’re there and unsure of which wine to try their knowledgeable staff can certainly assist you in selecting the wine that suits your preference and celebration. The pleasure of wine is in the taste, which is all you need to remember when choosing one for you.

Wine and other (alcoholic as well as nonalcoholic ) beverages aren’t the only things served at the Vintage. The Bar offers tasty finger delicacies such as a variety of cheese, chicken wings and fries.

Now that you have a pleasurable and healthy excuse and a place to start your “wining” and dining, don’t waste too much time, get out and raise you glass to the good stuff!

Five Fun Facts About Wine:

  1. The grape is the only fruit that will preserve itself naturally, without anything being added or taken away. If we crush a handful of grapes and leave the juice in a cup, it will turn into wine.
  2. Red wine taste better with age, while white wine stale with age.
  3. When tasting wine, hold the wine in the mouth for a moment or two and then either swallow it or, preferably, spit it out. A really good wine will have a long aftertaste, while an inferior wine will have a short aftertaste.
  4. A crop of newly planted grape vines takes four to five years to grow before it can be harvested.
  5. Smell & Taste -The way a wine smells can give many clues to how it will taste, where it was made, and from what grapes it was made.  Also, your sense of smell is imperative to your sense of taste.  Most people smell wine because they find it pleasurable or are interested in the connection between how a wine smells and how it tastes.

Ready to try The Vintage Wine & Cheese Bar, click the link for more information.

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