Diverse Beats

Guyana is a musical chest filled with many soulful treasures. This premiere Playlist seeks to highlight two songs from two emerging and very talented groups.


Collage is a genre mixed group consisting of three members: Christian Sobers, Aisha Jones, and Lerone Souvenir. Their current aim is to transform the sound of the music industry in an effort to change the perspective of local music. Christian the guitarist and producer of the group is a music teacher, he sets the basic vibe of the group with his musical brilliance. Aisha, a phenomenal female rapper adds the flow and rhythm to the trio. Lerone the Vocalist, with his fresh and smooth voice, gives the group their soulful flair. Together they form a unique and dynamic sound.

Listen to their Alex Cross Cover below:

Keep Your Day Job

Keep Your Day Job
Keep Your Day Job

These guys, Ryan Roberts (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Gavin Mendonca (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), are on the list because of how unique they are – they are a punk rock group.  Guyana is definitely NOT synonymous to rock music, yet these guys have a following of over 3000 fans on Facebook. What’s remarkably amazing about this group is that neither of the guitarists knew how to play before forming the group, but their love for music propelled them to learn and to excel at it. Very often we look for things to do and end up sticking to the routine and somewhat boring, these guys are testimony to the fruition of music in Guyana. Rock on! Interestingly, these guys have been together since 2010.

For your listening pleasure:

What do you think of these two amazing groups??

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