2013 Resolutions

It is the beginning of the New Year; 2013 is here: cue balloons, well wishes and an overflow of resolutions from the young and old. Yes, resolutions have become a part of the traditions of a New Year, along with (in Guyana) a pot of cook-up-rice. Really though, when was the last time you heard someone on the Eve of the New Year counting the amount of resolutions they were able to keep within that year? Do people even remember the promises they made to the Universe and to themselves the year before?

The answer is sadly, no.

We know there is an aura attached to a New Year, but is there a reason we constantly lie to ourselves on the first day?

“I am going to go to the gym more, lose 10 pounds, spend more time with friends and stop working so hard, go on a vacation to Europe, buy something that I don’t really need just to say I can spoil myself”.

By March those resolutions have been long gone or have been transformed into “I will get to it, eventually.” Is this what our life has become?

Don’t get me wrong, the “resolutions” we make can actually make us live better lives, but why only make them at the beginning of a New Year, further, why attach an unnecessary expectation to life if we have little intentions of fulfilling it outside of the emotional gratification we temporarily feel?

So, the lesson we should all learn is: Do not keep projecting false hope through the decisions we cannot keep.

Solution: Take it one step at a time. Assess your current life and the position you are in, write down the short term goals (that are achievable) that will allow you to live a better life and devise a plan to reach it. Don’t flood your plans. Choose one or two goals that are easily achievable at first. When you have accomplished them then focus on the more difficult goals. The life you desire is ahead of your journey, you just need to ensure you walk to path. Note also that it doesn’t have to be New year’s Eve for these plans to kick into action. The years are days to claim. Claim them holistically.

At the end of it all it is your life to live, minus the New Year and the (perceived) new opportunities that come with it. Reality is you still have bills, work, school and loans to address. If you can deal with the obstacles life hands you each day of the year, you can choose to achieve a goal any time of the year.

So, as the New Year dawns, take the opportunity to reflect on the 2012 resolutions you failed to achieve and promise yourself that you will not short change your life by making promises you cannot keep.

In essence, change your life from today, not once a year. Do it meaningfully, not emotionally. Rise above the cliché and reach for those goals starting now.

Oh, and happy 2013!:smile:

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