Making Out with Make-up

There are makeup artists, then they’re persons who can correctly apply makeup, a little lower you’ll  find me, someone who doesn’t know as much.

This is where professional makeup artist, Renee Chester Thompson comes into the picture, she’s on hand to teach me (us) about the dos and don’ts about makeup application and also how to correctly apply makeup.

Renee Chester
Renee Chester

At the beginning of our conversation she asked me if I knew what a very important rule of makeup was. I had no idea. It turns out that a very important rule of makeup is BLENDING – don’t stop at the middle of your forehead or two inches before the end of the chin, people will notice! Ensure that your face is completely covered.

Make up is much more than foundation or powder; it is every product you use on your face. Renee was kind enough to take me through these dos and don’ts of makeup application:

1.        Skin care:

    • Skin care – this includes your cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Makeup should be applied to a fresh face, a clean canvas. Clean and moisturise and this should be done even when you are not applying makeup. It is that important. Also do ensure that your moisturiser or cleanser is suitable for your skin type.
    •  For persons with problematic skin, this is where you would want to apply your concealer. (If you are not a concealer kind of girl that you move on to the next step).

2.        Foundation

    • It is very important for you to select the right shade of foundation and powder for your skin tone. If you experience a problem, then it is okay for you to match/blend two colours to get the right one (this act might be for the very skilled).
    • Makeup running away from your hairline is not sexy; neglecting to apply makeup to the corners of your nose or eyes is not sexy. Powder on your eyelashes is not sexy.
    • It is essential that when applying makeup that you have the correct applicators/ tools. When applying your foundation it is okay for you to use your fingers, sponge/wedge or a foundation brush (the Revlon foundation brush is the most recommended).

3.        Eyebrows & Eye shadow

    • Eyebrows are very important. Do you know of brow powder? Well according to Renee you must know about and love brow powder. It is used instead of the eye pencil, however it is somewhat expensive so we will stick to what we know and eye pencil does the trick every time. During the day keep your brows simple and normal but at nights feel free to splurge and experiment with simmer and glitter, if you wish.
    • When applying your eye shadow and you decide to use two colours, do ensure that they are blended correctly and that they flow into each other.

4.        Powder

    • Now it is time for you to apply your powder. Do NOT use your fingers – that is a no no – instead ensure that you are equipped with your powder brush or your powder puff. You do not wipe your powder in, instead you pat the powder in and it is vital that you adapt a standard motion so that you don’t miss a spot whilst patting randomly. Remember to PAT, we all strive or should strive for the matted effect.
    • PLEASE ensure that the colour you use is suitable for your skin tone. If you have a problem finding the correct shade of powder, then you can solve that problem by purchasing Invisible Oil Blocking Powder from Black Opal. It is a colourless powder thus suitable for all skin types. (Please contact Renee for more information)

5.        Mascara

    • If you are a crier, purchase water proof mascara and please do not put liquid eye liner on the lashes at the bottom.

6.        Lipstick/Lip-gloss

    • Do NOT line your lips with eye pencil it is not natural, do so only if it is Halloween or you’re playing dress up.
    •  When deciding to use lipstick, know which colour to use based on your complexion. For coloured girls do not be afraid to experiment with reds or pinks.
    • In applying, follow the shape of your lips; fill in the outline then spread. You do the borders first just like colouring in a colouring book.
    •  Some lipsticks already come with a sheen so there is no need to further apply lip-gloss; lip-gloss should we worn alone.

7.        Blush

    • Apply blush depending on the occasion or event and also the time of day. Know your face and take into consideration skin tone. Don’t just put two circles on your face but ensure that you apply on the line of your jaw bone. Go easy on the bright pinks and for coloured girls, try bronze – radiance on loud!

Before applying your makeup, choose one element that you would want to stand out, be it your eyes, your lips, your lashes, etc. and highlight that area and that area alone. Avoid making the eyes and head of onlookers spin by looking at your heavy eyes, bright lips and striking blush. Everything cannot pop, one should stand out. Make up is to enhance beauty not to make you look comical, unless that’s the look you’re going for.

Renee's Work on a Model
Renee’s Work on a Model

Do not sleep in your makeup; it is going to clog your pores; it can also cause acne and black heads. Remember to wash it all off at the end of the night or day (depending on where you are going). Have your makeup remover or make up remover cleansing cloth.

And that’s it, follow these steps and you’ll look flawlessly fabulous!

Renee’s passion for makeup and catering to the skin care needs of women has propelled her to open her very own business called BROMELIAD.rnc. Renee is a certified makeup artist, a makeup instructor and the sole distributor for Black Opal products in Guyana.


Like her Facebook page for more information, Bromeliad.rnc

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